EMO Antenna Party

Forget the trees, fences, or car bumpers, we now have end supports for the HF antenna at the club station. Click to see some pictures of all the supervisors watching the antenna being secured to the poles. Thanks to VE1LV and VE1DH for the pictures.

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Exercise Handshake - May 29, 2012

Once again Exercise Handshake went off in Truro with a good turnout from local hams. This month Don MacQueen, VE1DH took care of the TMR while Hal Rodd, VE1LV ran the VHF side. At the other end of the room Jim Cleveland, VE1CHI did Echolink and Scott, VE1CHL did HF. Dana (VE1VOX), Dave (VE1ER), Don (VE1AOE), Bruce (VE1II), Betty (VE1LVW), and Mike (VE1MBH) engaged in group communications practice in the other room.

MS Walk 2012

We had quite a good showing at the MS Walk this year, where the TARC provided on course communications. Paul Rodd, VE1DGS, Nan Harvey, VE1VZ, Bruce Harvey, VE1II, Mike Harvey, VE1MBH, Jerry Watson, VE1GLW, George Richards, VE1XP, Reta Marcotte, VA1MAR, Hal Rodd, VE1LV, and Scott McNutt, VE1CHL took up stations around the course while Jim Cleveland, VE1CHI walked the course.

Handheld Raffle Held in Halifax

The raffle for the handheld was held at the end of the Halifax Fleamarket today. The winner was Linda, VE1BEW.

We will be holding another raffle at the Greenwood Fleamarket, with tickets available at a ham event or two before that date.

Tower Extended

Today the tower at the club station in the EMO building was extended. Quite a number of hams showed up for the 6pm raising, and pictures will be posted once they're obtained from those who took them.

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